The Joy of Sorting

Sometimes ya gotta love the mindless tasks of folding laundry, washing dishes, or sorting paper. 

Paper sorting?! Yep. Paper sorting. 

For me, sorting is this artist's version of "chop wood, carry water" for Zen-o-philes out there. I'm referring to the mundane tasks that some dismiss as boring, but that actually have incredible value. 

When I take the time to sort through all the paper bits and pieces that have accumulated on and around my art table, I am amazed at the bountiful store of stuff I have. The fodder for future projects is all right under my nose, if I would just take some time to discover it, fondle it, and put it in its proper place. 

Sorting makes me happy, makes me feel productive, and always gives me tangible results. Pray tell, why don't I do it more often?

Tell me if you have a special relationship with sorting...