A Tree Takes Shape

How many artists does it take to make a tree? In the case of Poets & Painters, it takes four wonderfully different, enthusiastic, creative, talented artists. Add to that humor, patience, collaboration, communication....and a bit more patience and humor!

We four artists (above from left to right, Shari Sherman, Elle O'Dowd, Anne-Marie Colwell, and moi) have embarked on a creative journey that is taking us places we never imagined. And that's a good thing.

Under the name Poets & Painters, we have spent the last year and a half working towards a common goal: to exhibit our individual work collectively, under the title Beyond Words. We are excited to debut this body of work on May 9, 2015 at Casselberry Art House (Florida). More details forthcoming.

So, where is this tree I spoke of? It's a WIP at present. You can see the trunk taking shape in the photo. A right colorful trunk isn't it? Branches will come soon, and some spreading out roots also. Our tree will be center stage and visitors to the show will be invited to add their words, their thoughts and reflections to the branches over head. We have dubbed it the Poetree.

May 9 is fast approaching and our to do list is long. Count on some more sneak peeks as we get closer. I hope you can join me at the journey's end to see what this collaboration brings forth. Onward!