Beyond Words has been born!

It has been two years in the making (long gestation, indeed!) and we couldn't be more pleased to present Beyond Words, an interactive show of poetry and visual art. The Poets & Painters group that I belong to has walked a journey together that has stretched us all into new creative places and sometimes scary emotional places. I would venture to say that all births do that. 

The poem "Last Night as I was Sleeping" by Antonio Machado was the inspiration for my artwork, pictured above in the upper right corner. It is an aqueduct made from torn book pages, a favorite medium of mine. Each of us selected a poem for inspiration and we all made artwork (paintings, dolls, and sculptures) inspired by the four poems. We have produced a marvelous show. And, yes, I'm bragging like a proud mom. 

Please come visit the show in the month of May at Casselberry Art House, 127 Quail Pond Circle, Casselberry. They are open Monday to Friday, 10am - 5pm. 

Our closing reception will be Saturday, May 30 from 5 to 7pm.