Hurrah, Hurrah for Blah, Blah, Blah

Talking about your art.....does it strike fear in your heart or make your stomach flip flop? For most folks, yes. For me, it certainly helps to be surrounded by lots of smiling faces, as I was on October 11 for the closing day of Dresses: Objects of Art. Five artists shared their inspirations and processes with friends, family, and art lovers.

As an art maker, the circle of creativity is complete when a viewer takes some delight with what you have produced or simply engages in your work for longer than 12 seconds. As a viewer of art, I find that my experience is enriched when I know more about the artist and how they work or what they are trying to express.

So hurrah, hurrah, for all the blah, blah, blah.....and the next time you're at an art show, ask an artist about their work.

Joy Multiplied

Photo props to my friend Louise for capturing my joy on the opening night of Dresses: Objects of Art. My joy was multiplied by soooo many friends coming out to support my art journey. They dodged buckets of rain and they gave me smiles a mile wide all night. 

The show is up until October 11 at Gallery at Avalon Island in Orlando, FL. There will be a closing reception on October 10 from 6 to 9pm and an Artists Talk on the 11th at noon. 

A few of my favorite dresses...

You never know when a seed planted will come to fruition. Two years ago, I contacted Donna Dowless, the curator of the Dresses show to inquire about participating. She already had a full roster of artists, but she gladly put me on the "will call" list. And then, due to unforeseen circumstances, the show had to be cancelled entirely. 

Instead of shelving my dream, I happily spent time creating a body of work around the Dresses theme.  I find that having a target helps focus my rabbit like attention. 

So, I find myself incredibly lucky to be included in this year's show, Dresses: Objects of Art, opening on September 18, 2014. 

The silhouette of the girl with a ponytail is an idealized image of the female form. There is an innocence to her. I have enjoyed pairing the silhouette with more complex dresses that have depth, texture, and a bit more womanly form. 

Fourteen artists will display their interpretations of the Dresses theme at Gallery at Avalon Island, 39 S. Magnolia Avenue, Orlando, Florida, September 18 - October 11, 2014.