Knock, knock. Who's there?

You never know where inspiration will show itself....knock, knock. Who's there? Your muse, that's who. 

This spiky leaf stencil was inspired by the oddest of muses: a box of Kleenex. What others might have discarded to the re-cycle pile, I was happy to capture and cart off to my art room for closer inspection. I delighted in morphing the organic shape on the tissue box into a streamlined version of the curvy leaf that appeared.

So, keep your eyes peeled for inspiration the pantry, on the roadside, at your library, in your car. You never only takes a little muse-infused vision to make it happen. Invite your eyes to the party. 

Auditions and UFOs

Oh, Gelli plate, how I love you! For me, the mono-printing process is a joyful exercise in happy accidents and spontaneous discoveries. I prefer that approach over precise and measured planning, although I do have to call on those skills from time to time. 

These dots on dots are all made from Gelli printed scraps. I'm auditioning the square background shapes to see which color I like for a possible quilt of sorts. I don't sew, but I've long been attracted to the world of quilting arts. My quilt will be a paper one, most likely adhered to a wood panel. 

For now, these auditions haven't produced a clear winner.....more tryouts are necessary. I'm adding this one to my "UFO" pile....Un Finished Objects. 

If you have a UFO pile, what's in it? 

The Speed of Life

The artwork shown is a gift for a friend. She is stuck on the couch, recovering from a pedestrian encounter with a pick-up truck. The truck won. She is making the best of her healing time by doing handwork since her ankle is broken. 

She confessed that she rushes a lot - head down, full steam - at break neck speed. This imposed status of "couch potato" is an involuntary mandate to SLOW DOWN and SEE. Gratefully, her artist's eyes are keen and she can appreciate the small gifts that immobility is giving her, like watching the sunlight move across the window pane. 

When we race through life, we miss things. I hope you don't have to get hit by a truck to get the message.....s l o w   d o w n   and  s e e. You will benefit.

Spring Cleaning and Gelli Piles

It's March and Spring has sprung in my neighborhood...evidenced by higher pollen counts, radiant sunshine and green leaves bursting forth, plus a healthy desire to CLEAN HOUSE....metaphorically and literally. So on this day, I did a bit of both. I sneak rounds of creative play into my list of household chores to break things up.

My newfound Gelli Plate addiction is the perfect antidote to laundry, dusting, and kitchen duty. After a spell of brayering and layering, I have plenty of collage material amassed. This is one pile that I don't mind adding to.....Gelli on!

And here's a sample of what I do with all those painterly bits and pieces: this journal page was inspired by the dictionary entry for a vesper sparrow, a bird who is most active in the evenings. I have been struggling lately with getting into the studio at night, lured by the insidious television and a comfortable chair. So I need all the motivation this little vesper sparrow can lend me.

How do you motivate yourself to march into your studio?