So, how's that book coming?

u n s t o p p a b l e !

I like the sound of that. I am surprising myself at the progress on my altered book, Word Songs. It's very satisfying to see the completed pages mounting up. I set my timer to 15 minutes and see what happens. And those 15 minutes added to another 15 minutes and get the picture. I have created over 200 pages! 

This book has some magic paper, in spite of its age. Publish date is 1900. I have treated this 116 year old book with care and am amazed at the quality of paper. It takes wet media very well and I do have to write gingerly when using certain kinds of pens. Only 2 epic fails so far, but I've made them part of the dance. 

A show and tell will be in order once it is all finished. Stay tuned. 

When Art Speaks to Your Heart

On June 12, I was visiting a friend in Washington DC when I learned of the Pulse nightclub shooting. News of the heartbreaking tragedy hung heavy in the air. At the Renwick Gallery, an installation by Gabriel Dawe gave my heart a much needed lift. His floating visage of embroidery thread (60 miles of it!) was a beautiful rainbow in the middle of the room. Check out this article for a description. 

The photo was taken by my friend, looking at me through the rainbow. The adoption of the rainbow by the gay community is fitting in so many ways. It's a symbol of beauty, a hope-filled promise, and a message that diversity enriches us all. 

If only the haters in our world could be outfitted with rainbow-colored glasses. 

Where is this coming from?!

Some kind of wonderful new art-titude has been unleashed! Getting my mojo going in the studio after April's workshop in the woods has been joyful and energetic and downright liberating! 

To borrow a line from my favorite poem, "...along which secret aqueduct, oh water, are you coming to me, water of a new life that I have never drunk?"

It feels like the tumblers of a stubborn lock have all just clicked into place. I'm going with it - I'm riding the beautiful wave of new water, new life, and new art! Can't wait to see what happens next. 

Wanna make art? Ya gotta feed yourself!

Check out that feast....for the eyes, the tastebuds, and the spirit. This was the place setting for my dinner among artist friends at Camp Wannamakeart in the piney woods of Wekiva State Park, Florida. I was swooning! Still am. 

April 22 - 24 was a weekend of marvelous camaraderie, exceptional meals, and the deft and delightful guidance of our instructor, Jennifer Mercede

Hosted by Debbie Helton of The Craft Shack Studio this was an ideal getaway experience to re-charge my creative batteries and fill the well of inspiration. 

I am grateful to belong to an art tribe that knows the importance of retreating from the world every now and then. Even when it's right in our own back yard. 

How do you replenish your creative spirit?